Ok, you got me, I got you, I don’t know how this works, but you’re here now reading about my exciting life, so I’m going to try and make this worth your while.

The truth is, excitement is in the eye of the beholder (does that even make sense?) but you know what I mean, so quick getting at me on my choice/wrong choice of words and stay focused on why you’re here.

It does not matter if I can’t spell, my English is bad, and you hate me for it. I accept it, it’s a weakness of mine. I have learned to live with my failings and I don’t focus on them. My teacher said I would ‘amount to nothing’. It was those inspiring words, that got me to where I am today. Man, you would believe anything, that’s total BS. I never got inspired at school, I was too busy trying to impress my peers, chasing girls, and being a fool to get inspired. I rejected school.

But let me tell you something for free! That was a mistake! I spent the next 15 years in jobs I hated, with no direction, lacked purpose, and motivation for life.

Yes, big words, but that was me in a box. A slave to the system!

Desmond Moreira

Fast forward to today, and well, I’m not sitting in my ivory tower or anything, but I love life and my career. Yeah, it’s both painful and exciting rolled and wrapped up into one giant subway, and who doesn’t love subway rite?

The point is, you only get one life, don’t waste it pursuing things you care nothing for, invest in YOURSELF and grow as a person, be the best YOU by putting YOU first!

Don’t wait until ‘others’ do it, regain control of your life, make YOUR decisions, without permission from anyone else, without affirmation from others, without approval. The best part about YOU is, being YOU. So now I love talking to Students, Property Managers, my staff, about their career, there life and what they really want. Make a plan, fight, sacrifice, it’s all part of the journey. Get out of your comfort zone, out of your own way and live the life you always dreamed off.

I would like to personally thank some people for helping shape my journey and attitudes towards my own life.


Joe Joseph

Football Coach/Mentor/Surrogate Dad

Joe was like the wise old coach who always knew that football was an excuse to teach, and reach out to kids. He understood the power of sport and finding a ways to inspire you to be a better version of yourself. I had the privilege of learning under his guidance how to be a leader, and how to respect myself. I later went on to coach a football team on the same management team with him which was truly epic!! Thank you Joe, for showing me how to be a good man!

Jean White

Life Coach

White is not jeans surname, I have forgotten that and feel bad. When I worked at Lewisham in a very depressing job (evicting people for non-payment of rent) I was lucky enough to be put on a programme to help me learn how to ‘coach my staff’. What I never realised or anticipated was that Jean would transform and inspire me to pursue my goals in life and change my direction, and help me lead a life worth pursuing. Thank you Jean, I owe you a lot!

Daniel Priestley 

Trainer/Public Speaker/Entrepreneur

Before I got into business when I was in discussions to get into block management I literally stumbled across a course titled ‘Key Person of Influence’. The 5 step system they teach on this 6month programme struck a chord with me at the time and I knew I needed to invest in myself as I Knew nothing about how to start or run a business. To say the learning was life changing was an understatement. But Daniel had this great way of teaching and amazing delivery. The programme was an amazing foundation and I still to this date, use some of the strategies learnt during this programme. Thank you Daniel!

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