#Pitch2Win Could Take Your Game To The Next Level!

Every good business will have good people at its core; it’s what ultimately makes them great!

After all, people do business with people, so it’s no surprise, when you pitch, people are buying into the person pitching more than the company itself.

A powerful pitch always starts with clarity. A clear and concise who are YOU. Your name, your position maybe and what your business does. It needs to be clear, to the point, and make sense.

This is followed by your credibility. This can be your many years’ experience, qualification or both. But don’t ram this down someone’s throat as there is a thin line between demonstrating your credibility and being arrogant. Arrogance is not a friend of pitching!

You then want to ideally breakdown the problems your potential client faces into a few clear simple ways, like the top three problems you find. This allows you to hone in on the main problems/challenges they need to overcome and helps you consider the type of solutions you can provide.

The gold in the pitch is always how you will solve the problems. But don’t go getting fancy on me, you don’t need to be flash, you don’t need to be innovative about the solution, you have to believe in your ability to deliver the outcome and the result for the potential client.

Your solution may not be ground breaking, may not even be new in terms of how you will do it, but your trying to convince someone that they would be stupid not to use you to DO IT!,

So whilst having someone unique process or system that separates you from the competition, sounds fancy, and you claim NO ONE ELSE is doing it like that, don’t try and create a solution that’s unique, for the sake of uniqueness. Create a solution that they want, not what they need, or what you think they need.

#Pitch2WIN is a one day workshop that will help you articulate what you do, what value you offer, and what solutions you have.

Getting clarity on this will help you position your service and become more attractive to your market. 

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