If you run a business or work for a business and your involved in either the procurement of services/products or involved in business development/sales, you will know the importance of a good pitch. We have all heard one, having been the potential client, and maybe you have even delivered one to try and gain new business.

Regardless of your business, you can’t hide from it, whether that’s being the person pitching, or the person listening.

In today’s market, pitching has taken all sorts of directions, from emails, LinkedIN messages and even text. What I have seen over the years is listening to hundreds of pitches, is a steady line, they have consistently fallen (in my humble opinion) below what I would consider satisfactory.

Often larger companies can be the biggest culprits, which is surprising as they tend to have the largest resources. But having big budgets does not guarantee a good pitch, this comes down to training, and sharpening your tools in the market.

As a business owner I often talk about the topic to other business owners and I am surprised at the lack of training received (often none at all) regarding this. Which is surprising. Given a poor delivered pitch can be the difference between a client signing up, or not.

Getting investment for your idea, or not even starting it.

Pitching for me is about putting your best foot forward, being able to articulate what you do, with clarity, so the person listening, understands who you are, what you and your team are capable off, and positioning you and your team as the stand out choice.

It all starts with the simple question, what do you do? Remember being asked that at a wedding, sitting next to someone you don’t know? At the pub, where you might randomly talk to someone (how un-British of you), and nearly always, the conversation will go to, so what do you do? What DO YOU SAY? When responding to that question? Go on, have a go, answer in the comments below. This is a social pitch, but obviously there are other forms, like a ‘Sales Pitch’ and this could be in the boardroom or over coffee.

You simply cannot understand the power of getting it right, and making the right impression. Business is won and lost every day, over either your ability to pitch right, or get it wrong!

Learn the art of pitching and it will be the difference between winning and losing.

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