February 10, 2019 Desmond Moreira

Can You Solve The Problems For Your Client?

Highlighting the problems you can solve is at the heart of a great pitch. As with any service provider, you could list many problems, and you may solve many problems. But you need to condense the problems you can solve into a few points as otherwise the list may seem endless.

Three problems is great number to highlight as you don’t want to spend too much time listing problem after problem.

For example, that’s why at Habitare we have put communication at the heart of our service delivery:

1: Great communication – All of the property managers have dedicated mobiles and direct dials for our clients to call them directly. We promise to return calls within 24hrs if not answered first time round and offer that same commitment to email communications.  

2: Effective Repairs – We know that if we don’t fix it, it’s likely to cost more in the long run, so we don’t paper over cracks, just for a quick win. We always consider the long term costs to problems and ensure we give our client the best advice on remedial works. Equally, we realise if the bins are not collected, we need to act fast, so all of our contractors are measured by job turnaround times as well as the quality of workmanship.

3: Financial Management – At Habitare, we realise that having solid systems and procedures in place allows us to give our clients peace of mind, in respect of the money we are entrusted to hold and spend. But this means in practice we share all of your financial records with you. It’s not clever, or even rocket science, were just giving your information to you. We upload bank statements, financial reports, creditor invoices on a monthly basis to a shared online folder. That way you can review the information in your own time.

You will note from my previous blog ‘Problems’ I have mirrored the order of the solutions as a reflection of the problems I stated which were, poor communication, lack of repairs and lack of cost control.

This is necessary to ensure the listener remains engaged and your pitch remains focused and to the point. Going off on a tangent of how great you are and the amazing results you achieve for clients does not always prove you can provide a suitable solution for THEM.

Trust the system, believe in your delivery, and let your passion shine. Remember it’s you that people BUY into, not necessarily the company.

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