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The BLOCK MANAGERS’ BOARDROOM was an idea that came to me after speaking with hundreds of Property Managers, Senior Staff and Business Owners in the block management sector up and down the country. It was clear that a space was needed to promote and actively participate in genuine collaboration as we always feel more enriched when we talk to our peers.

The boardroom setting has one goal, to help inspire and invigorate leaders who can take the industry to the next level.

By attending, the intentions are simple, help you trouble shoot challenges you face, provide invaluable feedback on ideas you have, and accelerate your education.

I believe that creating the right environment for us to connect on this deeper level will help elevate our thinking, our ambitions, and inspire us, our staff, our business to deliver even better solutions.

If you are a Property Manager with experience, Senior in your business, Director or the owner, I believe this environment will support your position, and help you get one step closer to that next level.


Ben Hume

Ben Hume
Evolve Block & Estate

Desmond Moreira

Desmond Moreira
Habitare Group


Esme Wadsworth
Remus Management


Gail Drysdale
Napier Property Management

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