February 17, 2019 Desmond Moreira

Learn New Skills, Everyone Else Is!

You might be thinking that you don’t need to learn new skills, you have a system that works, or you are already a shit hot sales person bringing in the gravy!

Then maybe this workshop is not for you. I would like to think if you attended regardless you would find it valuable and learn something.

But if you’re like the many who don’t quite have the confidence, have never invested in training on ‘HOW TO PITCH’, do it because you have to, but realise learning is the fastest way to success, get yourself on the workshop.  

Creating a powerful pitch will be the beginning of a great adventure. It’s not just about being good at sales. A pitch helps you clarify what you offer and what is compelling about your company.

Most people don’t know what that is, and a result, they fumble their way through a pitch and it becomes unclear what makes them unique. That will often result in no deal.  But you tell yourself the competition ‘went in too low’, someone knew someone, it was fixed. 

If you want to win more than you lose, you need to create a powerful pitch that gets you noticed, separate’s you from the competition and wins!

After all, standing out from the competition is a must if you want to attract new business.

Sign up for the FREE one day workshop and you be given the framework to structure your pitch, the tools to go out into the market with confidence and real clarity over the value you can offer.

Spaces are limited, so SIGN up TODAY and help make 2019 your best year yet!

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