January 27, 2019 Desmond Moreira

#Pitch2Win FREE Workshop


What do you DO? The million dollar question that gets you either to the next level of this game called life/business, or you keep getting rejected, losing tenders, thinking the world is against you, that you’re unlucky, and the winners are just plain lucky!


Yeah there can sometimes be good fortune, equally bad, but over time, the creases iron out and your performance as a business is measured by your results, and when you don’t win in business, you lose.

I get pitched to nearly every day via LinkedIn or email. I can promise you that 99/100 of those, are so poorly put together, lack so much credibility and never stand out!! Not only am I not interested, I lose respect for whatever it is that is being offered and person delivering it.  

That’s why I am so passionate about helping others up their game, and win more deals.

Pitching is like a sword that has to be sharpened, practiced in the market place, with feedback shaping the delivery. Over time, it gets better and better. Like with reps in the gym, pitch has to be delivered over and over. The difference being that you have to allow the market to shape it, help you evolve it, and ultimately listen to the feedback.

No one became great at pitching just from writing a killer pitch! Delivery is key, and this only gets better the more you deliver it.

So this one day workshop #Pitch2WIN will help you formulate your pitch, but the real work comes after. The refining, the practice, the leaning into and getting uncomfortable. Success is often wrapped up in pain, like those spin classes at the gym. Without the pain, you don’t get the gain.

Sign up for the FREE one day workshop and you be given the framework to structure your pitch, the tools to go out into the market with confidence and real clarity over the value you can offer.

Spaces are limited, so SIGN up TODAY and help make 2019 your best year yet!

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