Jamie, the electrician, Jamie the business owner, Jamie the empire builder. Jamie is on a mission to build and scale a great business/division/group.


Maybe you’re a Property Manager, still wondering what the hell you’re doing in the game, this thankless existence, there has to be more right? Maybe you own the business, what started as great venture, has sucked the life from you, and what started as promising, has turned into resentment. Maybe you’re a contractor or supplier, providing services to the block management sector, like everyone else, you want more leads, more clients and more money? Sound about right?

I figured if your reading this, well you’re an action taker, and someone who realises there is more, and you’re looking for the answer. Well, welcome to my podcast!

My mission (damn that’s so corporate rite) goal (sounds boring) you know what I mean, is to help. That’s right, no big guarantees, but one lesson I learnt amongst many over the years, is to invest in myself. Reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, attending workshops and so on. I am always learning and want to help you do that TOO!

I want to share my experience’s and for some of you, that will help you in your journey, you will be able to relate, maybe I have done something that your trying to do, or at the very least you might find it interesting.  The point is that we’re in it together on this journey, and finding ways to help each other is a simple WIN WIN.

Whatever you goals in this game, never stop learning, never stop absorbing content, and never stop LISTENING!


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