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I truly believe that everyone is sitting on a mountain of gold, which for most people, is the knowledge in their head. I also believe that there is a market for everyone and my message is unique and purposeful to the right audience.

Talking to a room full of people allows me to get my message to a wider group and have a bigger impact in the world, to hopefully either inspire, provoke, or challenge someone to take action, and do something more, something bigger than before.

Talking at industry events allows me to either share experience, or tactics that have helped me in my business, so you don’t have to make the same costly mistakes.

"Great engaging content, for the target market of PMs who have little pitching experience this is extremely useful – will be recommending this to PM’s and also Fixflo colleagues who don’t have pitching experience."
Jack Coles
Fixlo Sales Team Lead

Current topics are:

Personal Branding – How to fast track your career
Pitch 2 Win – How to win more deals that you lose

I am also talking in schools which allows me to connect with a much younger generation to help inspire and prepare them for life post education. If you would like to enquire about training or our interested in me speaking at your upcoming event, please fill in the below form.

Invite me to speak at your event or find out more.


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