February 3, 2019 Desmond Moreira

What Meaningful Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Highlighting the problems you can solve is at the heart of a great pitch. As with any service provider, you could list many problems, and you may solve many problems. But you need to condense the problems you can solve into a few points as otherwise the list may seem endless.

Three problems is great number to highlight as you don’t want to spend too much time listing problem after problem.

For example, when I talk to potential clients I hear three common problems that always turn up.

1: Lack of communication – The property manager (PM) is unresponsive, takes days or weeks to reply, and when I call or email the office I can never get through to anyone.

2: Lack of Repairs – Problems always seem to mount up and nothing is fixed quickly.

3: Financial Management – Everything is so expensive and there seems to be lack of consideration when it comes to the costs that keep going up year on year.

The above is a simple yet to the point example of highlighting three problems in a pitch. You don’t need war and peace; the potential client will get it. You want to be highlighting genuine and real problems you know they are facing, that way, you can ensure your solutions hit home and are on the money.

The gold is often in the solutions to how you overcome and tackle those problems but the potential client needs to feel and know that you understand what the problems are. 

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