January 7, 2019 Desmond Moreira

Why everyone should create a powerful PITCH

Have you ever had that awkward moment where someone asks: “What do you do?” and you stop and think, I don’t know what to say? You say to yourself I don’t even know how to describe or explain to another human what it is I do.

Now lots of us get asked this question all the time, we also ask other people this question all the time, but every time it happens we forget that we sound really clumsy and we’re not quite sure how to explain sometimes what we’re doing.

If you worked in the pharmaceutical industry as an engineer it be very difficult for you to explain to a layperson what it is you actually do, it might be somewhat complex by nature and not everyone gets the intricacies of the industry and that type of service. But if we just bring it down to a very basic level and think, you’re a block manager working for a managing agent or a contractor who provide handyman services, it’s very easy, a more basic setting where you should be able to articulate what it is you do. Or is it?

Being able to articulate your message (what you do and demonstrate your value) with clarity, ensuring that you also have an element of credibility is important.  Ultimately so that you can put your best foot forward and explain in layman’s terms what it is you do or your business does, and the types of services you can provide to that market – in layman’s terms.

My goal is to be able to teach people how to pitch and to give them the framework to be able to do that.

This can be the difference between you landing that interview or getting a signature on the dotted line for a contract.  It may be a written pitch and you have submitted tender, it’s the difference between getting considered or it could be as simple as getting that coffee meeting after that phone call. Pitching is always about taking something to the next stage, whatever the next stage is.

Now, lots of people fall at this hurdle and I want to be able to help people with that because I feel that lots of people have amazing companies, providing great services, but they don’t put their best foot forward and it stops them from delivering what they’re actually trying to do. It stops them getting all of the opportunities that they probably should have received.

I have put together a one day workshop to work with 25 contractors who provide services to the block management sector because I want to be able to give back to that sector and make it thriving and as exciting for everyone as it can be.

Also, because there’s lots of great businesses that provide services to block management companies and as a block management company myself, I need to work with good contractors and suppliers, but I also realise how busy it is, and how difficult and time consuming it is to meet new contractors 1-2-1.

I would like to work with a maximum of 25 contractors only, teach them the framework on how to pitch so you can have the tools to better position yourself, you can then go to market and hopefully get better results than what you’re getting now.

At the end of the workshop, you will have learnt the skills to be able to articulate your message with clarity, have the confidence to go out into the market (other industries), pitch and win more business. Sign up NOW http://desmondmoreira.co.uk/events

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